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How to cope with OCD on your bad days

❗Please read my pervious post for this post to make a little more sense.

When I am having a bad day having OCD does not help! It’s like having an over dramatic frantic friend with you at all times. Whenever I am having a bad day my thoughts make me think it’s due to my OCD. For example, if I had not tapped correctly and missed a sequence of numbers when tapping or I did my OCD routine incorrectly something bad could happen. This is when my OCD takes me on overdrive.🤯

Let me explain.

A bad day for me is when everything is just going bad I even have some bad days of the week, Thursdays and Mondays. On these days where I feel like am going to have a bad day my OCD really takes advantage of that as the negativity feeds it. These days could consists of all kinds of things just not going right, such as having arguments with friends and family, extra pressure and unnecessary drama I even lost a job on a Thursday. Things just happen to pile up one after another.

(Bonus OCD😅) Another bizarre OCD -I will not were the same shirt or socks which I was wearing on that bad day anymore as I feel like they had a negative energy from them which made me have a bad day. If you are thinking do I have lucky clothing such as tops and other clothing the answer is Yes.

The reason why my OCD takes advantage is because I have to make sure everything bad which is about to happen is not going to get really bad. When doing my OCD it helps get rid of that anxiety and heaviness. I could therefore be tapping or doing other OCDs for a really long time just to make sure my day is not worse than it has to be.

Sometimes my OCD is so controlling that I will not look at texts or check emails just incase they are bad. I just want to isolate and lock myself away from the outside world with no contact with anyone. I know you’re probably thinking I am the dramatic and frantic one.

But over a long period of time you start to get used to it, like I have. Here’s a tip always remain positive no matter how bad it is. Otherwise, you will lose yourself in your thoughts and you will never be able to move forward. If you keep getting stuck OCD feeds off of the negativity.

Here’s a trick I use

When your OCD is not playing up as much use that good day and remember it on your bad day and think everything worked out fine on the good day. Use this to help you move forward and make it a little less difficult.

I know whatever OCD you might have there is always a solution to each and every OCD no matter how bad it is and no matter how trapped you feel. I never had anyone to talk about this with and I felt trapped for about 13 years. This platform has given me the chance to express myself. If you can relate or know people going through similar situations, I can promise and reassure you I have found a solution that has helped me in my day to day life. This solution came from 13 years of experience with OCD. You are not alone and if you wish to contact me please contact me on Hopefully my solution could help find your solution.

If you want to get professional help you can get psychological therapy normally cognitive behavioural therapy or you can get medication such as antidepressants called selective serotonin repute inhibitors (SSRIs).

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