How to get the women of your dreams

How to get the woman of your dreams. Part 4: How to up your text game.

❗Please read my pervious post for this post to make a little more sense.

Okay sometimes when you get the number the girl FLAKES. This means that she does not respond or she stops showing interest and she does not want to go out on a date etc. The best thing to do in these situation is just move on. If you have sent her a few texts and she does not respond, do not message again just out of self respect and the fact she is just not interested anymore.

Let me explain.

In order to get the girl you have just met to go out on a date you must not text her like crazy asking multiple times when she wants to meet up. When texting her match and mirror the way she sends you a text. If she sends a long text really match that as it shows she’s interested in getting to know you more. That means you have approached correctly. Also if she is sending you short texts you should also send her short texts. This encourages them to make more of an effort.

These examples are all from personal experience and trial and error.

Here is an example of a badly written text:

(Me) “Hey how are you

(Her) “I am good how are you?”

(Me) “I am good thank you for asking. What’s your plans for this Friday? I was thinking may be we could go out.”

(Her)“Oh okay that’s good and hmm I will have to let you know I might be busy this week.”

(Me) “Okay no worries I mean I am free for the weekend so let me know if you want to get a drink or some dinner. It would be good to get to know you.”

(Her) “Okayyy”

As you can see the conversation is just dead after that. When you speak to her you need to relight the connection you had when you first approached her. Remember she still does not know you that well so it’s good to have a conversation before getting into meeting her. Sometimes being direct is a good thing but that really matters on how you ended the conversation with her when you first approached her.

As you can see from the example when you are direct like this it turns the conversation in to a dead end it makes her feel the only reason you messages her was to get something from her and it is off-putting. In addition, in the example you do not want to over invest in the text remember match her text.

Example of a good text:

(Me) “Hey Anna how’s your deadlines coming along? Also I’ve seen this new art piece which they added the NH museum I know this your field haha”

(Her)“Heyyy Deadline are coming along fine but stressful. OHH Yess I heard about this I’ve seen pictures online but they say its much better to check it out in person . How are you btw?”

(Me) “I am good just busy with life. That’s good to hear I bet you can’t wait to submit your work haha and get your final year done with. Yh, I heard the colours move as you move.”

(Her) “Yh don’t worry weekend is around the corner now wahoo omg I can’t wait to finish final year. Oh really I did not know this now I really want to go see it”

(Me) “Yes can’t wait for the weekend just going to relax. If you want we should go check out the picture gives us an opportunity to also get to know each other more.”

(Her) “Yh, I was just going to say that would be fun. How’s Saturday?”

You get the point now I will give you a break down on this example. I stared off by talking talking about the information she has given me when I approached her like her final year of uni, she is doing arts and fashion as a degree. I also noticed there was an art piece moved in to the museum thought this could interest her. This also shows I was listening to her and actually care and not just asking her out so I can get laid.

The conversation flows and we continued talking after that. It did not lead to a dead end. Instead there was a build up and she was even more eager and picked a day and time. Also I was matching her text and she was matching mine it was not over done and over invested it was perfect.

Remember the key is not to make her feel like you are only taking her out to get something out of her she will feel this women are very clever and you should not behave like this as it’s not very respectful.

If you are genuine she will be more eager to hang out as it will show in your texts.

More posts to come!

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