How to get the women of your dreams

How to find the woman of your dreams. Approaching with confidence.

❗Please read my pervious post for this post to make a little more sense.

In order to become successful with women first you must understand yourself and learn to love yourself. We live in a world that promotes perfection and that brainwashes you into thinking being a ken doll is what women prefer, which is completely false. This is just business in order to get you to buy products, clothing and cosmetics. But no more politics I promise. I also just want to point out that this is a topic that is very difficult to put into writing as there is so much to cover, but I’ll try my best.

Let me explain.

In order to be the king at approaching, meeting girls and really make it look easy is first to believe in yourself. This is because if you do not believe in yourself and the values you believe in how can you expect someone else to accept you, if you do not really accept yourself. I have approached women countless times where I was nervous and really did not believe in myself and the women can sense that. It’s not attractive and this is how you might land in the friend zone or the women may even give you their number out of pity.

I am not saying you have to be super confident (Arrogant or cocky ), have a lot of ambition and goals no. Just be yourself! For example, if you are a calm person and likes to take time when talking that’s fine or if you are full of energy and love to talk that’s also cool. Show off your personality, talk to her like you would talk to your friends, if you like to joke around and have banter that’s fine. But remember don’t go all in straight away. Go slow, she’s not going to run away from you and you are not on a timer. Slowly open up and show your personality remember you need to remain a mystery so let her do all the talking. I will talk about what to say and how to get her to do all the talking in the next post, this post is all about approaching with confidence. But remember women like a mysterious man. For example, I approached a girl I got her to open up about her entire life her hobbies, her fav music etc. I only talked about myself when she asked. That’s when I would go in to details but only when she asked or when I felt like I could relate or If I disagreed with something she said. If you feel like you BOTH have spoken a lot get her number or details, as if you spoken to her longer than 5 mins she should be comfortable enough to give you her number. Save some things for when you meet her do not show all your cards straight away.

How to approach

When approaching a girl do not stand there for 5 mins lingering around to build up the confidence to talk to her as I know you may be shy or worried what people around you might think. The difference is you’re the guy who has the balls to do what no other guy can. Keep this in your head. If you see a random girl you find attractive walking down the street, observe something that attracts you to her. If you like her hair or like the way she dresses anything it may be count to 2 seconds and just go for it! Dive in! Do not allow yourself to overthink. Otherwise you will freeze up and your future girl could just walk away.

When you stop the girl try stopping her in a calm and non treating way. You should say “Excuse me” while you keep eye contact to get her attention. Very important, have a cheeky smile not freaky! When you got her attention tell her what you think. I’ve written what works for me underneath, but please add your own personality to it to make it tailored for you. Remember what works for me might to work for you so do not copy word for word.

Hi I know this is a little random but I like the way you dress it reminds me of....” or “I like your shoes ….. ” or “I find you attractive… “ whatever it may be that you like about her.

Moving on this next step is very important!

After you say what you have to say, do not stop and do not wait for her to say thank you. Remember you do not need validation in order to start the conversation. I am sure you have been in a conversation where you told a girl she’s pretty and she’s replied “erm.. thank you“. You don’t want to start it off like that so you carry on talking

For example, “Hey I know this is a little random but I find you attractive and was intrigued to talk to you. I notice you have a Russian look to you.” she might reply “Oh no, I am actually English. What about me looks Russian?”

I will stop that there because the next topic will be about how to use the right questions and assumptions to have a fun and effortless conversation in order for it not to sound like an interview.

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